We at ECS understand the need of software related with business or regular work. Software is a tool that is needed to make your daily life more easy & updated. For last 10+ years we are into software solution that would not only serve your purpose rather would add some benefit which will make your world more easy.

Software or automated tools are of mainly two types among them one is desktop based software & another one is web based software. Desktop based software runs only into desktops but in the advance could based data storage web based software are more popular cause we you access your software & data from anywhere around the globe just having a computer & internet.

For any business irrespective of its size a software to maintain the data is mandatory. It helps you to track all the transactions, customer details, stock status, purchase history, order details, delivery details, employee details, product history etc. There are different types of management systems that can be achieved through our offered software like student management system, employee management system, vendor management system, hotel management system , restaurant management system etc.

Customer relationship management (CRM) is also is a kind of software that would help you to develop & track your business growth. Not only that we are also into  Enterprise resource planning  (ERP) which is a category of business-management software itself.

Different business might need some different software which is customized by our team to match their needs. We use updated languages based on the requirement of our client to design & develop a complete software from scratch & also offer daily maintenance support as well.

We love to discuss about any software that you need or have in mind. Let us know your need & we will guide you up with all our expertise from start to finish.

Below are our custom softwares example, please have a look.